My Journey to Explore All 121 PA State Parks

Playing guitar at Reed's Gap State ParkWelcome to explorepaparks.com. This site is intended to serve two purposes. Primarily it is a means of documenting my journey to visit all 121 state parks in Pennsylvania as well as other interesting places that catch my eye. That’s right, I intend to visit every single state park that PA has to offer. I’ll discuss that more a bit further down this page. Secondarily, it exists to share my love of the outdoors and all the beauty that Pennsylvania has to offer with the world. I’ve traveled all across the United States and through much of Europe and while there are undoubtedly many beautiful places around the world and one person could not hope to see even a fraction of them in a lifetime, I want this blog to serve as a reminder that often there is great beauty right outside your own back door. You just have to be willing to see it. I’ve often seen people talk about leaving their homes to travel elsewhere because they believe there isn’t anything worth seeing close to home. I submit that wherever you live in the world, that there are amazing things just waiting to be discovered by you and your family and friends.

Why This is Important to Me

I want to dive a little deeper into my primary purpose for this blog. Yes, I will visit all 121 Pennsylvania state parks. But this isn’t going to be a sprint, it is a marathon. Trendy blogs often make a name for themselves by the author attempting to complete a project in a specified time frame and documenting some crazy attempt at making whatever that project is come to fruition. This is not one of those blogs. Even before starting the blog, I at times attempted to visit multiple parks in one day or at least several in one weekend. Here’s what I found out: Quantity over quality is a terrible way to enjoy the outdoors.  You just end up exhausted, over-saturated by beauty so that you no longer appreciate it and you see very little of each place as you try to make time for each separate park.

So by design, the project is a long term one. I will explore all of PA State Parks with my wife and children. In the family photos we take at each park I will someday be able to look back at see them grow up before my eyes while the landscape around us remains timeless. I’m doing this for the memories. For the joy of family time spent outside in nature, basking in God’s creation. So please, come along with me on this journey as I hike and kayak through the great state of Pennsylvania.